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Custom Homes
At New Vision, we build homes that connect you fully with life. We believe that your custom home is a direct reflection of you and we take pride in knowing that every one of our homes is designed, crafted and built with extraordinary care.

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New Vision give you the perfect blend of
LIFESTYLE and HOME STYLE in Southwest Florida
The Blueprint To Your Perfect Home Building a house is a skill. Creating a home is an art. And that’s why when you turn to NEW VISION and our 15 years of experience, you’ll see that both concerns are taken care of. Our skills have been developed and fine-tuned over the years and we only keep the finest and the best in our employ. We also understand the emotional nuances that are implicit in every step along the way. Our process is the perfect marriage of skill and art.

Design Our design process begins with a conversation about lifestyle and personal intentions for the home. This helps to determine what spaces are necessary, what spaces are beneficial and what spaces are pure indulgence. We’ll accommodate your wishes for a full custom design, borrowing elements from existing floor plans, letting you choose from our established line of homes or a floor plan that you provide for us.

Your Project Is In Trusted Hands Over our 15 years in the home building industry, we’ve had the pleasure of developing highly-valued relationships with a team of industry professionals that we whole-heartedly recommend for their skill, professionalism and integrity.

A Step By Step Overview Of What To Expect: The Fully Connected With Life Process
Design Selections - New Vision and the Residential Designer prepare a floor plan and exterior elevations for your approval.
Design Strategy Meeting —You will meet with all member of your home’s team for the purpose of creating a seamless design that integrates all crucial design elements: floor plan, landscapes, hardscapes, interior design and sound and lighting. 
Connecting From The Ground Up —The team expands to the lumber supplier and engineer who work together to ensure structural integrity. 
Review Processes — Homes slated for building are subject to review processes by the residential communities in which they are being built. By going through reviews early in the process, you are assured that inconvenient set-backs or selections interruptions are avoided.
Permission Granted — Approval from the community turns into the piece of paper that allows us to start on your custom home. Enjoy this; it’s a significant and exciting step.
A Room With A View — The Residential Designer will work with you and your property to determine how the position of your home can fully connect you with all that your surroundings have to offer.
Discover more about New Vision's balance of preference and preservation. 
At this point, there is another review from the community’s review team. Upon approval, the ground is broken and your home starts to take tangible shape.
It’s A Composition; You’re The Conductor
Though we understand that you rely on us to build your dream home and assist you through the process, our team also depends on you to make decisions. You’re involvement is necessary in working with following teams to make the following selections:
■Interior Design Team: Exterior colors, railings, precast colors and design, pool design and colors. 
■Landscape Architecture Team: Landscape design and hardscape plans that include the pool, fountains, walkways and other exterior elements. 

The decisions accomplished to finish the permit application to build appear are next on the critical path list: 
■ Security Team: Security and fire safety systems.
 ■Audio/video Company: Design the home’s audio and video system in concert with the interior designer. 

Some topics you can expect to discuss during these meetings are: 
■Plumbing fixture and appliance selection.
■Closet built-in and shelving review and approval. 
■Discuss lighting designs that include preferences, needs, lifestyles and choose from the range of options. The interior designer typically participates to coordinate with the lighting design company placements, choices and the tiniest details, such as where to locate electrical outlets. 
■With the cabinet company, plan cabinetry and built-ins, select door styles and decide on finishes. The interior designer typically participates here, too, to assure a seamless design and the perfect complement to the clients’ lifestyle.
■With the interior designer, develop and complete the home’s interior details, the final strokes that shape the home’s charm, warmth and unique personality – flooring, counter tops, railings, precast interior doors and hardware, decorative lighting, ceiling fans and the interior wall finishes. 
■Within this process, meet with the staff of Harwick Homes to choose from the final list of the home’s construction options, including the water filtration system, lightning protection, choice and placement of safes, and wine cellar details. 

Custom Homes In Naples Fl.
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